16 Years Or Older Adolescents & Teens

Adolescents Therapy

The Essence Of An Adult...

Adolescents face unique challenges. They are no longer children, yet they aren’t quite adults; they have the essence of adults. They want to be treated with respect like all adults do, yet, similar to children, they sometimes do not think beyond immediate gratification or consider long-term consequences. Guideance at this pivotal crossroad is critical as it will serve as a basis for the remainder of their adulthood.

It’s not easy growing up in today’s world…

Adolescents are are still mentally growing; finding their personal style, developing their opinions, and defining themselves. There is so much stimulus surrounding us at all times; photoshopped influencers and polarizing media providing a non-stop barrage of information telling us how to look and how to feel.

Therapy can provide a moment for serenity, where an adolescent can be guided, without judgement, to see themselves through new eyes.

Parents should understand that Teens and Adolesents that request or require therapy is in no way a reflection of their parenting. When it comes to modern mental health, there are so many factors that are beyond a parents control. Adolescents are a product of the influence of modern social media, schooling system, peer-pressure, home life, and the overall state of the world around them.

Seeking help and guidance in uncertain times, can bring heath and happiness to the adolescent, their friends and social circles, and their home environment. Adolencents can learn tools and skills to improve their mental well-being and strengthen healthy relationships.


Stress, Chronic Worry, and Fears

Intimacy / Sex Addiction

Behaviors which can harm relationships

Couples Therapy

Real and lasting change for couples

Personality Disorders

Difficulties in interacting with others


Competent, caring and compassionate therapist. I had a long history of family Abuse and anxiety… I’m glad to say they are much better because of Liz.
-Matt L.

“After retirement it was time to finally face who I was, and Liz is helping me do that. She really gets me and ‘hears’ me. You are never too old to change.”
-Donna T.

“Liz is a bright, knowledgeable and compassionate professional. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for quality care.”
-Kate S.

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