Individuals and Groups

Clinical Training and Supervision

What Types of Training and Supervision do you provide?

In my practice I have an advanced certification in Schema Therapy, Training and Clinical Supervision. I supervise masters and PhD level people nationally and internationally.

Where do you train individuals and groups?

I also train nationally and internationally for small and large groups in the areas of CBT Protocols, Schema Therapy Techniques, Narcissism, Trauma and Sexual Addiction (See below).

Some Past Training

  • Exposure/Response Prevention (Ex/RP) for the Treatment of OCD, April 2019, Trauma Task Force of Orange County
  • Foundations of Clinical Supervision, December 2018, HVCS 7 County Region
  • Treatment of Complex Trauma with Schema Therapy, April 2016, Trauma Task Force
  • CBT for Panic Disorder, March 2019, Trauma Task Force
  • Effective Strategies for Dealing with the Sexually Self– Absorbed and Healing the Fractured Trust in Relationships – with Wendy Behary, LCSW, & Liz Lacy, LCSW, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2017
  • Assessment and Treatment of Sex Addiction and Intimacy Disorders
  • Three Part Series on CBT Treatment of Anxiety; Theory, Core Skills and Practice, January-March 2020, New York City
  • Addiction and Intimacy Disorders: Conceptualization, Core Interventions and the Therapeutic Relationship, May 2020, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Intimacy Disorders Treatment: Three Parts, November 2020, Romania
  • Getting Enough of Something that Almost Works: Schema Therapy for Addictions Treatment (STAT), February 2021, 6 Modules, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia


Stress, Chronic Worry, and Fears

Intimacy / Sex Addiction

Behaviors which can harm relationships

Couples Therapy

Real and lasting change for couples

Personality Disorders

Difficulties in interacting with others


Competent, caring and compassionate therapist. I had a long history of family Abuse and anxiety… I’m glad to say they are much better because of Liz.
-Matt L.

“After retirement it was time to finally face who I was, and Liz is helping me do that. She really gets me and ‘hears’ me. You are never too old to change.”
-Donna T.

“Liz is a bright, knowledgeable and compassionate professional. I would highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for quality care.”
-Kate S.

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Find Balance and Stability in Your Life Patterns with Schema Therapy. Helping you to heal for lasting change.

If you have found that you have suffered from emotional pain or had a series of negative events happen on and off as a pattern throughout your life, schema therapy will help.

Schema therapy uncovers and corrects distorted patterns - it helps to break the old links. It is deeper emotional and cognitive work where we will identify your specific schemas and coping modes, helping you to heal them for lasting change. Schema Therapy gets to the root of the life patterns.

Don't Wait Any Longer. You CAN Feel Better And Meet Your Goals!