Schema Therapy ...for life patterns.

If you have found that you have suffered from emotional pain or had a series of negative events happen on and off as a pattern throughout your life, schema therapy will help.

Schemas are distorted, core emotional and cognitive patterns (like a strong emotional belief) that tend to repeat. These develop due to unmet needs in childhood and adolescence (such as safety, stability, healthy limits, validation, empathy, autonomy, fun). They can develop in the best of families and  are almost certain to form where there was abuse, instability or emotional neglect. They can cause chronic or episodic anxiety, depression, lonliness, anger, low self-esteem and difficulties with relationships, career and overall satisfaction with life.

Schema therapy uncovers and corrects these distorted patterns - it helps to break the old links. It is deeper emotional and cognitive work where we will identify your specific schemas and coping modes, helping you to heal them for lasting change.  Schema Therapy gets to the root of the life patterns.

 See a Client's Guide to Schema Therapy for Additional Detailed Information on Types of Schemas, Modes and Treatment.