Intimacy Disorders/Problemmatic Sexual Behaviors

Intimacy issues, compulsive sexual behaviors, internet sex addiction, infidelity or however you define it, can harm an individual's relationship, family life, financial and overall emotional life - it is often very difficult to stop on your own. I can tell you it is a very real health issue people suffer, despite any controversy you might read.  If you are reading this, you likely already know this.

Common Signs/Symptoms (1 or more may be present)

  • compulsive use of pornography, internet sex sites

  • intense, consuming serial relationships or dating 

  • compulsive masturbation

  • use of paid sex workers

  • sex that needs increasingly risky behaviors get the desired result

  • frequenting of massage parlors, bathhouses or other sex establishments

  • sex with anonymous partners

  • cruising for sex

  • constant flirting and "intriguing" behaviors

  • sex with co-workers, friends, family members

  • serial monogamy

  • multiple affairs outside relationship

  • compulsion to always wear sexually provocative clothing

Isolation, feeling of shame or guilt, living a double life, low self esteem and anxiety or depression are common. After time, sexual performance itself becomes affected in many people.

I work with men, women, trans, nonbinary, and GLBTQ people who suffer with these symptoms. I also work with family members and conduct relationship restoration sessions.

It's hard to get enough of something that almost works...Vincent Felitti, MD