New York City Therapist
Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW

Individual, Group and Couples Psychotherapy



Emotional pain is real, common and treatable

My name is Liz Lacy. I am a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Advanced Schema Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor with over 18 years of post-graduate experience and training. In my practice, I provide psychotherapy in a warm and accepting environment. I specialize in anxiety disorders, addictions (esp. intimacy disorders), personality issues and working with couples. I work primarily with adolescents and adults.

You may be looking at this website because you are struggling through some of life's difficulties. This may be an old familiar problem or something more recent that's surfaced and you think you may need some outside help like many of us do. I just want to say to you that you can have a life that's worth living and the solution may be through psychotherapy. It is worth going for a consultation to a trained, experienced therapist who can work with you on what you want for yourself, whether it be a life free from crippling fears, worries or depression or to be in a more fulfilling relationship or job.

Please feel free to explore my website. There is more information about me and how I help people heal from psychological and emotional issues.