Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW

Individual, Group and Couples Psychotherapy

Services and Therapy

Anxiety, Chronic Worry, Fears
Some treatments for anxiety disorders are more effective than others – for example CBT. CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, is a global term used for a number of different types of evidence-based practices that work on all three components of anxiety. Just like the negative spiraling we discussed – treatment works on stopping the cycle at all three points. 
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Couples Counseling
In my practice, I use The Gottman Method, Schema Therapy and Imago Couples Therapy which couples and I have found very healing and effective. They are a combination of process, acceptance, change and learning new tools to get through those "stuck" places effectively and safely with each other. 
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Intimacy Disorders, Out of Control Sexual Behaviors, Addiction

Intimacy Disorders, Problemmatic Sexual Behaviors, or Sex Addiction, are in many ways viewed today like alcoholism used to be in the 1930's - as if it were a moral issue rather than a self-destructive compulsive behavior that has its roots in a deprived or painful past. It can destroy an individual's relationships, work, financial and emotional life - often being extremely difficult or impossible to stop on your own. Find out more >