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Intimacy Disorders/Problemmatic Sexual Behaviors

Intimacy Disorders, Problemmatic Sexual Behaviors, or Sex Addiction, are in many ways viewed today like alcoholism used to be in the 1930's - as if it were a moral issue rather than a self-destructive compulsive behavior that has its roots in a deprived and/or painful past. It can destroy an individual's relationships, work, financial and emotional life - often being extremely difficult or impossible to stop on your own. This can take on the following symptoms:

  • compulsive use of pornography, internet sex sites
  • intense, consuming serial relationships or dating 
  • compulsive masturbation
  • use of paid sex workers
  • sex that needs increasingly risky behaviors get the desired result
  • frequenting of massage parlors, bathhouses or other sex establishments
  • sex with anonymous partners
  • cruising for sex
  • constant flirting and "intriguing" behaviors
  • sex with co-workers, friends, family members
  • serial monogamy
  • multiple affairs outside relationships

These behaviors mask, sooth, destract from negative feelings while real needs go unmet. The cycle of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem that come with this pattern can be alleviated and healed.

I work with people with the compulsive behaviors and family members affected by intimacy disorders: Adolescents and Adults.

Call me for information or a consult if you think you or a family member has this problem. 845-489-8700