Elizabeth Lacy, LCSW

Individual, Group and Couples Psychotherapy


About Liz Lacy

elizabeth lacyI provide individual and couples psychotherapy in a supportive, client-centered, safe, yet personally challenging environment.

My expertise is in the assessment and treatment of anxiety disorders, such as chronic worrying, obsessions/ compulsions, trauma, panic, agoraphobia, social anxiety; addictions (sex, drugs/alcohol, spending) and personality disorders (Narcissism, Borderline). These may affect your relationships, job, school or your sense of being in the world.  I also treat couples. I work primarily with adults and adolescents.

Emotional pain can be brought about because of many reasons. Sometimes something has happened in your life recently...too much stress, a new life transition, a loss, a new relationship, prolonged illness and the like. It can also be brought about by unresolved events from the past. Lastly, emotional pain can be brought about by biological  reasons...sometimes it's a combination of causes. My assessment sees you as a whole person and we will look at all possiblilities so as to develop the most effective plan possible for you to achieve your life goals.

I practice Schema Therapy which is very effective for longer-standing and reoccurring life patterns and I use short-term CBT-based interventions  (Exposure, Cognitive Restructuring, Mindfulness, Integrative Behavioral Couples and others) with a Humanistic approach. I have worked for more than 16 years with addictions, particularly sex/love. I have done my post-masters training at the American Institute for Cognitive Therapy (specializing in CBT), NY/NJ Institute for Schema Therapy,  Beck Institute, and Behavioral Tech. I continually attend specialty training in order to remain skilled with current evidence-based practices.

    Skype Sessions available (evaluated with you on person by person basis).


NOTE: I do not accept insurance directly in NYC but will complete any forms for out of network insurance reimbursement. Credit card, check, cash and flexible spending accounts accepted.